Ness Lannen

I find that I canít help but have an emotional response to my surroundings and believe that a landscape can represent, contain and produce many and varied emotions within us. We know that a storm is just a storm, yet images representing such things provide some of the most profound metaphors we have of our inner world. To provoke dream like memories of familiar places I choose to paint scenes that are ambiguous. Containing no instantly recognisable landmarks they create a sense of ease within the viewer, enabling emotional connections to be made with the work. It is this capacity of images to be ambivalent, holding many potential aspects and meanings that has always fascinated me. The appearance of my work has been shaped by my personal preferences and experiences. Originally from Manchester I have lived in Cornwall for the last twelve years. I trained as a surface pattern and textile designer before completing a degree in Fine Art (Printmaking). Since moving to Cornwall I have predominantly been producing large-scale land and seascapes using fluid acrylics applied through an airbrush.


Fluid Acrylic & Chalk Pastel

150cm x 70cm




Fluid Acrylic & Chalk Pastel

!00cm x100cm




Fluid Acrylic & Chalk Pastel

100cm x 80cm



In-between the Waves

Fluid Acrylic & Chalk Pastel

150cm x 70cm




Fluid Acrylic & Chalk Pastel

140cm x 80cm




Fluid Acrylic & Chalk Pastel

90cm x 65cm


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