David White

The late David Whites' work consisted of one off crackle glazed porcelain pots, bottles and bowls. They are beautifully glazed with rich and subtle colour. 

"When I first started working on my own it was like starting all over again, being able to concentrate entirely on myself and what I was doing. In the last few years of Broadstairs Pottery I had set up a studio at home and started making ‘one offs’ with Porcelain and selling to one or two Galleries, the first being Tim Boone at Amalgam in Barnes followed by Cassion Gallery and Peter Dingley. I had now got the ‘bit between my teeth’ and built an 11 cubic foot self designed gas kiln. For the first few years I was experimenting with crystalline glazes, not the ultra slow cooled ones but using matt glazes with oxides underneath. When fired high the glaze started to break down and run, creating crystals floating in the shiny parts. Several years later I became involved in copper red glazes. One day I discovered that when areas had not turned red the glaze had started to craze. I started to put waterproof and ‘light-fast’ ink into the cracks. This then turned into a love affair with crackle glazes. I try to achieve and repeat exciting patterns that come from the blending of five different glazes that have differing tensions on each pot. The forms of the pot and the crackle patterns are very much hand in glove. I try to enhance the forms by the placing of the different types of craze and colour. As this is not a science I need to take copious notes of everything I do. The same applies to Logging every firing I do with notes of the results in order that I may repeat it. The temperature and the time taken to reach it are very critical so I ’kiln sit’ for the last hour to give undivided attention to this. Most of the time up to 50% coming out of the firing is not acceptable but reglazing and refiring with a more reluctant or finely crazing glaze has a fair rate of success. Overall I suppose I have between 10% and 15% losses which I think under the circumstances is acceptable."

Although most pots have been sold we still have them occasionally, so please ring the gallery.



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